State Emergency Response Commission to meet Friday

The State Emergency Response Commission will meet via teleconference on Friday, Jan. 15. The meeting can be viewed via livestream at

WHAT: State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) Meeting. The 23-member SERC is responsible for protecting the state’s citizens and environment through effective emergency planning.

WHEN: Friday, January 15, 2021 9 a.m.


9:10 AM ISAAC Update SAC Brian Neil, ISAAC

9:20 AM NC HazMat Program Update & LEPC Reauthorization Justin Graney, NCEM Cole Owen, NCEM

9:40 AM State Interoperability Executive Committee Update Greg Hauser, NCEM

10:00 AM SERT COVID Response & Vaccination Update Vice-Chair Mike Sprayberry

10:20 AM NCORR HOPE Program NC Office of Recovery & Resiliency

10:30 AM SERC Association/Agency Reports

North Carolina Department of Information Technology – Thompson

North Carolina Association of Police Chiefs – Buffaloe

North Carolina Division of Public Health – Combs

North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services – Mitchell

11:00 AM Adjourn