GOP-Caswell County

New leadership for Caswell County Republican Party. Left to right; Kandice Standfield-Ceparano-Vice-Chair, Laura Pichardo- Secretary, Emily Cobb Russell- Chairwoman, and Rebecca Gammon-Treasurer.

On March 27, 2021, the Caswell County Republican Party held their county convention where officers were elected. In a history making election, all new officers elected were women.

This is a first for the Caswell County Republican Party and the party is excited about the new leadership they will bring.

The new Chairwoman is Emily Cobb Russell and Vice-Chairwoman Kandice Standfield-Ceparano, both Caswell County natives. Secretary is Laura Pichardo and Treasurer is Rebecca Gammon.

The new leadership team will focus on growing the party and continuing the grassroot efforts to support our future candidates. They also look forward to holding voter registration drives to bring people back to the party, fundraising events and banquets featuring selected speakers. The all-female leadership team would like to establish a Republican Women’s Club and increase our base of volunteers.

The Republican Party is the conservative party and if you are conservative, they hope that you will come join them!