Out my window snow is still falling and visibility is poor. Woodside Inn is beyond my vision. A marshmallow world for sure, and still coming down. Inside it’s warm and coffee is readily available and I have no need of going anywhere today. Tomorrow is something else with appointments due, but I think they will wait for another day.

Today is the perfect day for quiet time, to write notes on every Christmas card, to read a good book, and for sports enthusiasts there must be something for every interest.

About Christmas cards. I love reading the notes and letters from last year and enjoying once again their beauty or light-heartedness reflecting the sender. Many of them include family pictures. Those are never thrown away. My collection includes many from infancy to pictures of their own babies and little children. Priceless!!

Sadly, more and more of the cards turn out to be the last ones from family and dear friends..

Bird feeders are busy and against the white background their colors show clearly. Jays seem especially blue, and they are right there being king of the roost and scaring the little birds away. Cardinals are there, looking like Christmas card set-up, so red in he snow.

Squirrels are not in evidence, but I know they will be. The feeders are hung high, so those little pests cannot easily reach them. They make valiant but useless effort, a delight because when they can get to the feeder the turn it upside down with their gymnastics and strew the feed onto the carport for easy access for all comers.

Looking out on this snow nostalgia sets in. We could not wait to bundle up in all the wraps we could and tear out into the cold for one of Milton’s hillsides to meet all the others for hurdling down those hills on various vehicles, mostly sleds early on, but later round signs. Spirited play helped to keep us warm, but in spite of the wrapping and the activity we were wet and cold with fingers and toes tingling.

Bonfires were built and we huddled around for warmth. We did not last for many hours before heading home to dry clothes and warm food, only to repeat the process later in the day. Monopoly games came out and those could last over many days. I don’t remember about school breaks, how long they were or how they were announced.

Probably by word of mouth from the principal. Most of us went to school in our own communities, so perhaps the principal got the word around somehow.

By the time you read this maybe the storm will be over and the roads clear and we will be back into the frenzy of preparation for Christmas. That frenzy is over for me, but that is not too bad. My days are less pushed or full. I can enjoy time to write Christmas notes, to think about the meaning of Christmas, reflect on bygone years with my own siblings and the “adopted” siblings of Milton in happy times and be grateful for all of it.