Scott Cranston

If football fan Scott Cranston of Reidsville has his dream fulfilled, a new amateur football team will be forming called the Yancyville Rhinos.

Cranston addressed the Caswell County Board of Education on Monday morning to ask for permission to use the Dillard Middle School football field as the official home field for the team. “The high school field would have been fine, but I know they have renovations coming up so I asked for the middle school field instead,” he explains.

He also explained to the board that he needed to have a field so he could ask for permission from the football league to join. “It’s a catch 22 where you’ve got to have one to get the other,” he explained in a later interview.

Cranston would be using the field for eight-ten Saturdays from mid-July to November.

If his dream of starting the team runs on schedule, the team will be composed of adults aged 18 and older on an amateur team in the Central Carolinas Football League (CCFL).

“The Rhinos will have their own website once I have permission to join the league. I must have a home field first,” he reiterates.

The Board of Education will discuss the request before giving Cranston an answer.

Cranston plans to coach the team himself.

Players would supply their own equipment and use their own personal insurance. The CCFL would provide liability insurance for the field itself.

Cranston will be looking for sponsors since there are a number of associated costs including paying $100 apiece for five or six referees and officials, buying an official NFL football for $100, chain sets at $300, yard markers at $300 a set, a league fee, and more.

Cranston played semi-pro football in New York when he lived there and can’t wait to get back on a football field.

He plans to charge around $5 a person for the games to cover associated costs. “The costs are more than I expected so I will be needing help to cover them to get the Rhinos going,” he says. “I will need to do a number of fundraisers so if anyone can help, please contact me,” he said after the meeting.

This is a non-profit organization.