“How has the COVID 19 mitigation affected your life?”

“My husband and I left Mesa Arizona on May 2 after we stayed there an additional six weeks due to the mitigation. He was in the middle of getting caps on his teeth and we couldn’t get a dental appointment for all that time. It was 107 degrees on May 2 when we left and went to Show Low Arizona for a month where it’s a little cooler at 6,000 feet elevation. Unfortunately COVID 19 has hit Navajo County hard and it’s a real hot spot. There wasn’t anything for us retirees to do such as play cards or shoot pool or get in the swimming pool. There was no library open in the RV Park where we stayed in our RV. We have traveled all over the world and have been traveling around the country for some time. I wanted to see my 87-year-old mother in Yanceyville. I had heard about the ‘double bubble’ concept where two families get tested and quarantined so they can interact with each other, so we did that and are staying with Irmgard Miller, my mother, in Yanceyville. We’re expecting a second wave of the virus. Thailand is my husband’s favorite place we’ve been. We hope to go to Hawaii to visit when things get better.”

Elizabeth Thelen


“I really miss the great restaurants around here where you can go in for a nice meal. I am getting to go to church gatherings inside where we practice social distancing and wearing face masks.”

Frances Blalock

Prospect Hill

“The thing I miss the most are the restaurants and sitting down inside for a meal. I did get to go away for a vacation to the beach. I’m on the county planning board and we can’t meet in person and have to hold ZOOM meetings instead.”

Keith Blalock

Prospect Hill

“You don’t get to go anywhere…just stay home and work. But it’s better than getting the coronavirus!”

Don Swann