“What kind of challenges do local farmers face?”

“People not being able to touch and taste samples is a downside. Lots of farmers’ markets are down with some in Greensboro where I also sell using drive thru and online orders. I’m spending more time on computers than I am in the field. I’ve had to sacrifice some of the time I normally spend making jellies.”

Natalie Foster


“I know people who are suffering an economic impact that affects how they’re paying their bills. Farmers are especially getting hit hard.”

Heaven Motley


“Not getting much rain lately is hurting crops. There are not a lot of resources available because of the coronavirus. I work at a vendor booth at the Caswell Farmers Market and think that most people support the farmers and what they’re growing in Caswell County.”

Brenley Burr


“Not getting enough rain is hurting. Plus, we have to compete with the animals to save our crops. I’ve had to put up a fence, scarecrow, pans, plastic bags…it’s working so far this year. Last year was bad with replanting late in the season.”

Angella Aiken