Former D.A. under investigation

The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that former Caswell/Person County District Attorney Wallace Bradsher, convicted of stealing state funds may have also taken the lottery winnings of a defendant's mother in exchange for dropping the charges against her son.

The allegations against Bradsher are detailed in an application for a search warrant that was unsealed in the Wake County Courthouse earlier this week.

The SBI began its latest investigation of Bradsher in November 2017. In trying to obtain the search warrant, Agent D.S. Faircloth wrote that he "believes there is probable cause to show lottery proceeds from Bettie Yarboro Jackson were used in part as a possible payment to D.A. Bradsher, resulting in the dismissal of drug charges for Ephrian Brent Yarboro.”

Faircloth wrote that Yarboro told SBI agents he won $150,000 in a scratch-off game and gave the ticket to his mother to repay child support he owed.

According to court records, Bradsher visited Yarboro in March 2017 at the Person County Jail without the knowledge or presence of his attorney — and subsequently dropped the charges.

A recorded phone call in jail between the mother and son, noted in the court record, said Jackson told Yarboro that Bradsher came to her with paperwork that showed the five felony charges had been dismissed.

When the alleged bribe occurred, Bradsher and former Rockingham County District Attorney Craig Blitzer were in the middle of an SBI investigation that accused the men of a criminal scheme that allowed Blitzer's wife to collect a state salary in Bradsher's office despite not working.

That investigation led to the resignations and criminal convictions of both men.

The subsequent investigation involving the lottery tickets is currently on-going.