Food Bank

Caswell County Outreach volunteers fill boxes with food while enjoying each other's company during Thursday's Food Bank event at the Caswell County Outreach Building located off Main Street in Yanceyville. 

Reidsville resident Ruby Mitchell grew up on a Person County farm with her 10 brothers and sisters. 

Growing up in a full house taught Mitchell many life lessons, among the most important being learning how to share. 

The importance of sharing wasn’t the only lesson handed to Mitchell by her parents and through her upbringing. She was also taught the importance of giving back to those in need as well. 

It was a lesson Mitchell took to heart and her parents were proud watching her give back to the Caswell County community from their perches in the sky Thursday afternoon at the Caswell County Outreach Building. 

Mitchell, along with roughly two dozen other volunteers, handed out free food to Caswell residents in need during Thursday’s Food Bank event held at the County Outreach Building located right off Main Street in Yanceyville. 

“That’s the way I was raised up to give back to others,” Mitchell said. “My mom and dad raised all 10 of us to be giving people and to be selfless. It’s that upbringing and God that gives me my  sense  of   service.” 

Volunteers at the event, sponsored by CountyOutreach founders Alice and Paul Robinson, stayed busy during Thursday’s event, registering those coming to pick up, bagging food and walking and packing boxes chock full of food into attendee’s cars. 

Potatoes, canned green beans and fruit were just a few of the items handed out to participants who filtered in and out throughout the day. 

For Caswell resident Daryl Denny, who was there picking up food for her daughter who suffers from multiple sclerosis, the event was a God-send. 

“It’s definitely helping people that need it,” Danny said. “It keeps people, especially the elderly people who can’t get out and it just benefits them more than anybody because they are the ones who really need it. The ones that can’t get out. But I think they are wonderful to do things like this for people who really need it. It’s uplifting to the community to know things like this are here to help people and it’s just wonderful they can do that here.” 

Caswell’s giving spirt was on display all day as cars trickled in and out of the parking lot all day while attendees walked out with large boxes of food and volunteers pushed carts full of boxes to the cars of those who needed assistance with loading them.  

“It shows people that somebody else cares about them,” Mitchell said. “Because there’s a lot of folks, like me, who live by themselves and eventually it gets to the point where you feel nobody else really cares about you. But when you go out to places and things like this, you see that everybody is there and that people love you. I sit around and feel like nobody cares about me sometimes even though I know they do but that’s the way our minds work. Events like this prove me wrong, though. People do care and people do love.” 

Denny concurred, saying, “I’ve never met anyone in Caswell County who wasn’t friendly and outgoing. It’s just a wonderful place to live. You don’t have a whole lot of crime in this community and it’s like everybody knows each other and are family. They might meet for the first time but it’s still like they’ve known each other their whole lives.” 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Thursday’s food bank came at exactly the right time. 

“It reflects it because Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and giving to help one another,” Mitchell said. “But Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day you give thanks. God is good all the time and you ought to thank him every day which I do.”