Milton Post Office

The Milton Post Office has been closed since early August due to a snake infestation issue that has been ongoing for a number of years, according to town officials. The situation became untenable more recently, and it is believed the building will never again be a post office.

Sources familiar with the situation say that the Milton Post Office is closed due to a snake infestation in the building. 

In August, the United States Postal Service announced the building was "closed for maintenance" but did not mention any reptiles. 

It was noted then that the Milton branch would close and all Milton PO Box users could pick up their mail in Semora, five miles away. 

Mayor Pro Temper of Milton, Patricia Williams, said Tuesday that USPS officials have told her that the building at 238 Broad St. will not reopen as a post office in the future. She said she did not know if there was a plan being constructed that would bring postal operations back to Milton, as USPS has not been forthcoming with the information. 

She added that she's been in touch with the office of United States Senator Thom Tillis and they are aware of the issue. 

According to Williams, the building is privately owned, and leased by the USPS, and she believes both parties know of the problem. 

When reached via email Tuesday, a spokesperson with the USPS sent the following statement: 

"The Postal Service has been in contact with the landlord to discuss necessary maintenance at the Milton Post Office. We look forward to sharing updates with customers when we have more information. We apologize for any inconvenience." 

The statement went on to explain that the Semora branch would be where Milton customers can continue to pick up their mail. 

In August, the Milton branch briefly resumed operations in a mobile unit. However, the temporary mobile vehicle then quickly closed due to mechanical problems. 

Williams said the issue has gone on for up to three years now, but has "only worsened." She also stressed that USPS officials have had very little communication with her and have not confirmed snakes are inhabiting the building, but that it was her understanding that they were. 

"There is a lot of frustration," Williams said. "We have an elderly population here, and many people are without transportation, so this has caused real issues and hardship." 

Williams said she hears from concerned citizens regularly, and the biggest frustration in Milton right now is that there is no sense of progress, or any kind of plan to resume postal operations in Milton. 

"We are an incorporated town and we need a post office," Williams said. "It's just a matter of going ahead and trying to make something happen, because people do not like things just sitting and there's no movement. It's important that we move forward in trying to solve this issue."