New District Attorney visits Yanceyville

New District Attorney Jason Ramey (R) for Caswell and Rockingham Counties visited Yanceyville at Busy Bee Coffee Company to meet and greet his constituents, receiving their feedback and providing his.

“I’ve been the D.A. of Rockingham County since March 29, 2018. That was when I was appointed. I won election for the new District 22, Caswell and Rockingham County in November, 2018, so I’ve been the new D.A. [here] since January 1,” he said.

“I look a lot younger than people think I am,” he said.

The event, “Meet Your D.A.” was sponsored by Carscadden Financial Services and hosted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Caswell County Sheriff’s Department, Caswell County Fraternal Order of Police, CPN-N.C., and NCSHP. Coffee was free to the public, paid for by Carscadden.

“What a beautiful area, Caswell is. Every time I ride through here I think, ‘This is Heaven right here,’” said Ramey, who is from the Rockingham-Eden area. “The Caswell Historic Courthouse may be the most beautiful courthouse that I’ve ever seen.”

The District Attorney reviews every state case that comes through their district. An assistant district attorney helps the D.A. One of the changes Ramey said he’s making is reducing their burden by being more hands on.

“When you only have one assistant district attorney, they have to do everything, so we’re trying to have two. I’ll try to be in Caswell at least once a week,” he said.

This more active approach is why Ramey is doing events like Meet Your D.A., because, he said the better he knows the people of an area, the better the results he’ll produce.

“Accessibility. First of all they get to know who I am and I get to know them. I need to know this community. Second is accountability. We’re not away in some ivory tower somewhere, separate from the ‘regular people.’ The people are my boss. The president is not my boss. The governor is not my boss. The attorney general is not my boss. I have no boss except the people. They are my boss,” he said.

“I’m an elected official and the people need to know who their elected officials are to make a good decision on whether or not to let them keep doing their jobs or get somebody else to do it.” said Ramey.

Being semi-local, Ramey seemed connected with few degrees of separation to everybody visiting the Busy Bee. As people talked to him, Ramey revealed he had cousins who attended the same churches, went to school with coworkers, and played ball with brothers.

“I already know Rockingham and I need to know Caswell. If a D.A. is doing their job properly and helping law enforcement be the best that they can be, the safer the area; the lower the crime rate; and the more likely businesses are going to want to come in,” said Ramey.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving hosted the event. The Caswell County chapter includes Person and Durham Counties.

“We think it is important the citizens of Caswell County get to know the DA, because people want to know what he’s like; what’s his agenda; and he’s going to do for them,” said Ollie Jeffers, Victim Advocate and Chapter Leader.