North Elementary PTSO treats real life superheroes

Three North Elementary School preschoolers admire a Sheriff's deputy.

North Elementary School and its Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) hosted a hotdog luncheon for all emergency services on February 21 and 22.

PTSO Secretary James Fowler said, “We call them superheroes and thank them for all that they do.”

According to Fowler, the event, now in its fourth year, not only feeds EMS, fire department, state police, and county Sheriff’s department workers, but also gives them all more opportunity to interact with the most impressionable aspect of the community, the children.

“This is a good community thing,” he said. “They get to meet the police officers when so much is going on in the world. Police get such a bad rap sometimes. Today they get to mingle and get a view of how much they care about the children.”

Members of the student council poured tea and handed out tableware as PTSO adult volunteers served hot dogs and fixin’s.

Law enforcement and others sat among the children, who filed in from the other side of the cafeteria with their school pizzas and square pepperonis.

Children excitedly asked questions about badges and emblems. Others handed out crafted thank-you letters, greeting cards, and colored pictures.

According to Fowler, it’s a good thing to remind emergency service providers who they’ve been working to protect and serve.

Likewise, it’s good to remind children there are “superheroes” providing community support outside their usual call of duty such as sponsoring events at Parks and Rec, Community Night, and Trunk Or Treat at Halloween, said Fowler.

“It’s such a good vibe,” he said, “much different from what’s portrayed on T.V.”

After the younger children ate, fifth-graders celebrated D.A.R.E program graduation.

Participants underwent a five week course where they received guest speakers, wrote essays, and performed learning activities regarding living a healthy and drug-free life.

Lillard’s Family Restaurant donated the hot dogs and parents made cookies, pies, and cakes.