BY School teachers

Caswell County school teachers pose after receiving plaques during last Monday's Board of Education meeting. FRONT ROW L-R: South Elementary Principal Steve Evans, North Elementary Curriculum Coach Karen Self, Oakwood Elementary Principal Jennifer O'Briant, North Elementary Principal Carla Murray and Stoney Creek Elementary Principal Terry Gallic. BACK ROW L-R: South Elementary Curriculum Coach and Testing Coordinator Sheletha Mims, Director of Elementary Education Carol Boaz, Oakwood Elementary Curriculum Coach Michelle Robinson, North Elementary Guidance Counselor/Caswell Teacher of the Year Katie Louhoff, Stoney Creek Elementary Curriculum Coach Michelle Whitfield and Stoney Creek teacher Michele Purnell. 

Four Caswell County schools were honored for either meeting or exceeding student achievement growth for the 2018-19 school before the Caswell County Board of Education’s meeting last Monday. 

Oakwood Elementary exceeded North Carolina State Board of Education standards for student-achievement growth while North Elementary, South Elementary and Stoney Creek Elementary met expected growth. 

Oakwood, the only elementary school to meet or exceed standards last year, exceeded the Education Value-Added Assessment System standards, posting an overall score of 2.09 on the EVAAS Growth Index. 

North met EVAAS growth standards as well after also failing to meet or exceed standards last year. South also met the state board’s growth standards, earning a 1.48 score on the EVAAS Growth Index, a year after failing to meet standards. Stoney Creek rounded out the bunch also meeting growth index standards a year after failing to do so. 

Principal Carla Murray, Curriculum Coach/Testing Coordinator Karen Self and Counselor Katie Louhoff were on hand to receive a framed certificate of congratulations from North Carolina Superintendent Mark Johnson for North. 

Oakwood Principal Jennifer O’Briant and Instructional Coach Michelle Robinson were presented with their framed certificate of congratulations from Caswell County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carter — who presented all faculty and staff with their certificate. 

Principal Steve Evans and staff member Sheletha Mims accepted the award on behalf of South. 

Stoney Creek Principal Terri Gullick, Instructional Coach Michelle Whitfield and Library Media Specialist Michele Purnell received the award on behalf of the school. 

The EVASS Index for K-12 is a customized software system available to all North Carolina school districts. EVAAS provides state educators with tools to improve student learning and reflect and improve on their own effectiveness. 

The index examines the impact of teachers, schools and districts on the learning of their students in specific courses, grades and subjects. The information is presented in colorful, easy-to-understand charts and graphs along with producing customized reports that predict student success, show the effects of schooling at particular schools or reveal patterns in subgroup performance.