MLK service

Keynote Speaker Elder Lamar Boykin, pastor of New Ephesus Baptist Church of Ruffin, had attendees on their feet during the Monday commemorative “laying of the wreath” in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

His message centered on “knocking.”

“Now 50 plus years later we’re still knocking on the door,” he said after talking about Jesus knocking on the door.

Elder Boykin explained that we are knocking on the doors of the world, America, and the church.

During his segment on the world, he reminded attendees that we all know the type of person described as a drum major who is leading the way. “The problem is everybody wants to be out front large and in charge,” he elaborated. “There’s too many chiefs and not enough Indians.”

He spoke of the earth groaning in pain as it goes through the struggle of global warming. “The Bible spoke of there being fire on one side of the earth and floods on the other. Eighty degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. We need to get right now!”

As he talked about knocking on the door of America, he pointed out that the ugliness of the slums is countered by an “ocean of abundance.” “But we can’t quit or give up. We must press forward. Jesus knocks and the door shall be opened.”

When speaking of the knock on the church door, he talked about Dr. King being awakened at midnight by a call to leave town within three days or he would be killed and his house bombed. Although he had received death threats before, this one especially troubled Dr. King that night. “The Lord spoke to him and said you can’t call on daddy and you can’t call on Mama, you must call on God in Heaven. There’s violence in the streets and pressure on the job, isolation in schools…”

In closing he reminded everyone to not forget Dr. King and what he fought for. “Let’s stand up for justice…despite the challenges. He went to the mountaintop and saw the promised land. We’ll get there one day.”

The event hosted by the Caswell County NAACP Branch #5372 as well as others.

Special music was presented by Kirk Vinston.

A short reception followed the laying of the wreath in the church cemetery.