Womack Foundation presents 2020 grants

The Womack Foundation awarded grants at its annual meeting held Wednesday, April 15.

Recipients include:

Epic Caswell, Inc., $7,000;

Danville Church-Based Tutorial, $5,000.

Caswell Council for the Arts, $5,000;

City of Danville Parks and Recreation, $9,000;

Danville Museum of Fine Arts, $10,000;

Hoop Don't Shoot, $8,000;

Danville Redevelopment and Housing, $6,000;

Southside Soccer, $2,000;

Salvation Army, $25,000;

Feeding Southwest VA, $5,000;

Danville Symphony Orchestra, $5,000;

God's Storehouse, $15,000;

White Rock Bapist Church Christmas Tree, $3,000;

Friends of the Public Library, $4,300;

Blue Ridge Council / Boy Scouts, $10,000;

Danville Speech and Hearing, $5,000;

DCC Educational Foundation, $10,000;

Danville Redevelopment and Housing, $5,000;

PPL Foundation / Gretna Library, $5,000;

Danville Science Center, $5,000;

Danville Concert Association, $5,000;

Caswell Parrish, $10,000;

Second Chance Outreach Ministries, $4,000.

Oakview Church, $5,000; Pittsylvania County NAACP Youth Council, $6,000;

Big Brothers Big Sisters, $20,000;

CIC-Head Start, $7,500;

Alliance for Excellence; $5,000;

First Tee, $5,000;

City of Danville Harry Johnson Classic, $6,000;

George Washington High School band, $50,000;

Non profit meals for the community, $12,000.

The Womack Foundation, which has a long history of providing financial assistance for education and recreation, accepts grant applications from charitable organizations once a year.

Established in 1963 by philanthropists Charles and Estelle Womack, the Womack Foundation supports a variety of programs that benefit residents of Danville, Pittsylvania County, and Caswell County, N.C.

The foundation primarily offers grants to organizations for the planning, implementation and development of programs that enhance and improve education and recreation for young people who would not otherwise be able to engage in such activities because of financial constraints.

It typically provides grants for organizations not normally funded by other people or agencies.

For more information, visit womackfoundation.com or write to Womack Foundation, P.O. 111, Chatham, Va. 24531.

The next round of grants will be considered in April of 2021.