Boards move forward with memorandum

After months of debate and updating the memorandum of understanding with the County Commissioners, Board of Educations members agree to move on with school construction. Photo taken March 11, during M.O.U. discussion at a previous meeting.

On Monday, March 25, Caswell County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carter recommended to the Board of Education to accept the memorandum of understanding between they and the Caswell County Commissioners regarding the construction of Bartlett Yancey High School and safety upgrades for all county schools. The board unanimously agreed.

Board member Tracey Stanley made the motion to, as stated, “get it over with.” The board and commissioners have been deadlocked in debate since November when county residents majority voted to pursue a bond to finance the multimillion-dollar construction project. Member Vennie Beggarly seconded the motion.

Stanley said, “Let’s hope we can all work together after this is signed.”

Commissioner Chairman Rick McVey and Commissioner Steve Oestreicher were in attendance.

McVey said at a recent commissioners meeting that time for debate was over because the county leaders had twice approved the M.O.U. without making changes.

“I believe both parties are looking forward to beginning this project and to the completion of a brand new Bartlett Yancey High School. The Caswell County Board of Commissioners wants to ensure the public that their tax money is being spent wisely and according to their vision on this project,” wrote McVey in a recent letter to the editor.

In other news, as construction continues at Caswell County Public Schools Administrative Buildings, rental of the Civic Center will curve off and administrative operations will take place there. Band and dance practice will adjust to cater to schedules and security systems may be adjusted to account for additional equipment. As this takes place, Civic Center bookings made in advance will still be honored, but soon no new events will be scheduled until space options become available again.