Wooden Ladder Farm and Garden

Henry and Michelle West love working with plants at their local business.

If you do much riding on 86 in the Providence area on the outskirts of Danville, a wealth of beautiful plants have probably caught your eye. Henry and Michelle West of The Wooden Ladder Farm and Garden have plenty of healthy plants for sale in an eyecatching location where they are just finishing up a new building that will also offer flags and garden accessories as well as seeds and fertilizer. 

Michelle explains that they opened in 2014 after buying the land in 2013. 

The community has responded well to the wide variety of plants they sell, many grown in their own greenhouse. All are grown in the state of North Carolina. 

This year, customers have been busy buying shrubs, roses, butterfly bushes, plus much more. Also offered are mulch and topsoil that can be picked up or delivered. 

 “In the fall we’ll have mums, pansies, and pumpkins,” she says. “I like being outdoors and meeting new people every day and enjoy raising vegetables, bushes, and flowers big enough to sell to our customers who truly appreciate them.” 

Many have wondered why it’s taken so long for them to build. Michelle explains that they went to the County Commissioners to have water run to the land, but eventually had to dig their own well and septic tank when the county wouldn’t let them connect to infrastructure. 

Theirs is actually a love story. Michelle had worked in accounting in a CPA office before coming to work for Henry in the gardening/landscaping business. They ended up getting married in 2005 and have been hard at work growing the business ever since. 

Michelle shares that she was worried when COVID-19 hit that their customers wouldn’t come out. “But they have continued to support us and the outdoor market has allowed them to shop in the fresh air. I think it actually helped business because many are bored staying at home and want to get flowers to work on in their gardens and yards.”

They typically close November, December and January and are open for business the rest of the year. During the spring they sold lots of vegetable plants, herbs and flowers such as begonias, marigolds, vincas, zinnias, impatiens, petunias, and more. She also has a good selection of succulents and aloe plants. 

Gift cards are available. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted for payment. 

They are located at 11090 NC Hwy 86 N in Providence. The center is open Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and from 12 noon to five p.m. on Sunday. 

Call 434-441-0689 with questions.