Young children aren’t normally known to smile upon entering a doctor’s office for their annual back-to-school checkups. 

Parents often have to fight or drag, or maybe even bribe their children with ice cream, lollipops or extra allowance to get them into the office. 

That wasn’t the case on Thursday afternoon at the Prospect Hill Community Health Center. 

Piedmont Health Center ensured all kids in attendance would have fun, as they provided them with a teddy bear clinic, free face painting, water balloons and more during the annual 2019 Kidfest. 

While employees of Piedmont Health Center provided fun, they also ensured kids were healthy for the upcoming school year, conducting 90 physicals and 45 dental checkups during the annual event. 

“I was very excited,” said Prospect Hill Community Health Center manager Jason Everson. “This was my first Kidfest here at Prospect Hill, and I know the weeks leading up to the event we were able to fill our schedule and didn’t have enough space to fit everybody, but we accepted individuals whether they had an appointment or not.” 

“They were excited to see this type of event happen and we were really happy with the way it spread by word of mouth. I feel encouraged because we were able to reach individuals in the community that are a bit harder to reach.”

Organizers also handed out bookbags with free school supplies to all those in attendance. 

It wasn’t all about school, though. 

Kids were treated to a glimpse of the new patrol cars the Caswell County Sheriff’s Department is about to roll out and also had a chance to talk with emergency responders and members of the forestry department. 

“They experienced all sorts of fun activities,” said Debra Markley of Piedmont Health Services. “They got to meet the sheriff’s department, see their new patrol cars and just have a really positive experience with law enforcement officials.” 

According to Markley, the children’s curiosity ruled the day.

“They asked a lot of intriguing questions of the EMT staff that was here and asked a lot of questions of the health specialists as well,” said Markley. 

Children were also treated to a 20-foot blowup of Smokey the Bear and enjoyed delicious snow cones from Pelican SnoBalls. 

However, there was one event that rose above the rest. 

“Face painting,” Everson said, laughing. “Those and snow cones always win out. Especially when it’s hot outside.” 

Members of Caswell’s government were in attendance as well as county commissioners Steve Oestreicher and David Owen mixed and mingled with the crowd. 

For Markley, the event is the perfect way to encourage interdepartmental cooperation in Caswell and its surrounding communities. 

"They were all helpful and very supportive," Markley said. "It's good knowing the sheriff's department is a very good partner and wants to have strong community partnerships. It’s all about partnership and having such great partners here in Caswell is really something special.” 

Everson added, “I couldn’t agree more with her or said it better myself.”