Headline: Neighbors near and far rally around effort to stop a quarry.

Caswell County is the proposed site for a new aggregate quarry mine. It’s not unusual for residents living near a quarry to fight against it. After all, quarries are dirty, dangerous, loud industrial operations which disrupt ground water, shake foundations with their blasting, send silicas dust into surrounding land and burden local roads with heavy trucks peppering gravel in their wake.

But this opposition is different. What started as a dedicated group of about a hundred nearby homeowners has grown to include people from across Caswell County, as well as citizens in nearby Orange and Person Counties.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised that, as word has spread how this quarry will affect a sensitive environment and a peaceful way of life, that folks have joined our fight to keep this quarry away,” expressed Leslie Zimmerman, who lives near the proposed location. “They all seem to be saying, I wouldn’t want to live next to it, why shouldn’t I help those who may have to?”

Carolina Sunrock, LLC is proposing a 630 acre quarry, cement and hot mix asphalt plant on Wrenn Road in Prospect HIll, which lies in the southeastern corner of Caswell next to Person and Orange Counties.

The area is beautifully rural, rich with farms, historic homes, churches, and farms. It is a diverse community, with some homesteads dating back hundreds of years and others who have recently moved there to enjoy life in the country.

One of the significant issues with this location is the land which will be dug up is crisscrossed by Sugar Tree, Beaver and South Hyco Creeks. They form the headwaters of Roxboro Lake, which starts less than 1000 feet from the quarry land. The lake is a Class II reservoir that serves as a secondary water source for the 8000 citizens of Roxboro. This is all located in the South Hyco Creek Watershed and the Roanoke River Basin.

On Monday night, the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has granted a public hearing for people to voice their concerns. DEQ is the state agency which will determine if a permit is granted for the quarry.

Given the response so far, the DEQ officials will likely hear from many opponents that night. “‘It’s not too late’ is our theme,” Leslie explains. “Everyone has been working hard to keep from having our way of life threatened.”

Interested people can attend the hearing on November 4, 2019 7pm at the Old Court House, 144 Court Square, Yanceyville. Caswell Local Foods is providing a free dinner. Don’t like to drive at night? We will arrange a ride. For more information, contact 919-812-9280 or quarry27314@gmail.com