Shooting Suspect Apprehended

A law enforcement officer attempts to corral shooting suspect Matthew Bernard, who authorities seem to believe murdered three people in Keeling, VA Tuesday morning. Bernard was not wearing clothes. 

Authorities apprehended Matthew Bernard, 19, of Keeling, Virginia, on Tuesday afternoon. 

Bernard was a suspect in a mass shooting that occurred yesterday morning at 1949 Keeling Drive in Pittsylvania County. 

Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor confirmed yesterday morning that 911 received a call from a neighbor who had found a dead body in a driveway. A search of the residence uncovered two additional bodies inside, two females and a small child. 

Shortly thereafter, the sheriff’s office placed a reverse 911 call with the following message: 

“Citizens in the Keeling area are asked to be on the lookout for Matthew Bernard. White male, 19 years old, last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He is armed with a rifle and considered very dangerous. He was last seen in the area of 1949 Keeling Drive in the Keeling community. If you see this individual, do not contact him but call the Pittsylvania County 911 center immediately. Citizens in this area should exercise caution and be on the lookout for this individual until further notice.” 

Later, the Star-Tribune witnessed Bernard running toward the scene of the investigation. The suspect was running and was ordered to stop, he was then maced by the trooper with no effect. 

The suspect then ran through the parking lot and wrapped his arms around a bystander and started screaming. The trooper drew his nightstick and struck the suspect with the stick. 

The suspect continued running and then ran toward the homicide scene and other officers intercepted him on the side of Keeling Drive. The suspect was then put in custody. 

A parcel of Pittsylvania County public records show that 1949 Keeling Drive is owned by Nelson W. Bernard, III and Joan J. Bernard. 

Several schools in the area were on lockdown as a precautionary measure.