Donald Scott Layne

Donald Scott Layne, 53, a Danville man charged with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and rape made a brief court appearance in the Caswell County, NC Superior Court Monday.

One of Layne's appointed attorneys with the Office of Captial Offenders, Steve Freedman, has withdrawn from the case saying he plans to retire in March.

Defense attorney Lamar Proctor confirmed that another qualified attorney will be appointed to Layne's case before his court date, March 9.

Layne was previously denied court-appointed lawyers, but that changed once his case was declared a capital case in March of 2019.

Layne has been held without bond in North Carolina since the homicide at Walter's Mill Road in Providence, NC in September of 2018.

The former Danville businessman is charged with the first-degree murder of Juanita Hankins.