The Danville Police Department has made an arrest after recovering stolen property Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 on Schoolfield Drive. 

Dennis Ray Keller, Jr. was charged by police with grand larceny after the property was recovered. 

According to police, the investigation began when officers found a stolen utility trailer in the yard of a home on Schoolfield Drive. 

The trailer contained $8,000 of lawn equipment when it was stolen last week. 

Officers obtained a search warrant for the residence and found stolen lawn equipment, power tools, and ATV's. 

The property was stolen from several locations in Danville and Caswell County. 

A majority of the stolen equipment, to include the utility trailer and the ATV's, have been returned to the owners. 

Investigators are still combing through reports to locate owners for the remaineder of the property. 

Officers also seized several firearms and evidence of drug use. 

Keller is being held in the Danville City Jail on a $5,000 secured bond.