Milton to get new post office

A view of the northwest corner of Bridge and Broad Streets in Milton. This is the proposed placement site of the new Milton Post Office.

From the monthly Milton Town meeting, two key topics emerged: the current status of the Milton Post Office and the fire hydrants.

Ann Sarver, Facilities Environmental Specialist with the United States Postal Service, has written a letter addressed to Renee Gledhill-Earley, Environmental Review Coordinator with the state of NC Historic Preservation Office in Raleigh stating the following:

“…the USPS is proposing to install a compact building at the above referenced leased Property.” The location under consideration is the north-west corner of Broad Street & Bridge Street in Milton. Since Milton is a designated historic town, Ms. Sarver continues by writing, “We have enclosed for your review the necessary documentation and analysis under 800.11 to support USPS’s finding of no adverse effect to historic properties.”

Sarver also states that Milton has been without a post office since August 2019 and that this is the only site available within the town for potential lease in which to place a new facility. Based on aerial and historic photos, the USPS has determined that this property is undeveloped and has been since the 1960’s.

When the new structure has been placed, it will be set back from the road, and will face Bridge Street. Additional vegetation will be planted along the Broad Street side of the building to keep the “modern intrusions within the historic district” at a minimum, Sarver continues.

A copy of this letter along with photos of the proposed placement is posted on the bulletin board at the Semora Post Office and available for the public to review. This letter is dated September 9, 2020 and interested citizens have 30 days from the date of posting to comment or correspond with their office or any of the consulting parties that include the Mayor of Milton, the Catawba Indian Nation and the Monacan Indian Nation.

Two of the fire hydrants within the Milton Township are scheduled to be replaced within a month. Both of them are located on Broad Street, currently wrapped in dark plastic and tightly secured with caution tape. These fire hydrants date back to the 1940’s and finding parts in which to repair them are scarce. One of the hydrants is next to a utility pole and Milton town officials are coordinating with the utility company in scheduling the delivery of the heavy equipment in which to assist in performing this work of removing and replacing the fire hydrants and utility pole. Members of the affected community will be notified when this work is scheduled to take place. The two fire hydrants that are to be replaced will be kept and used for spare parts. The Mayor of Milton, Patricia Williams, stated that replacing the fire hydrants “is a cost effective way to bring our infrastructure up-to-date and will help us maintain our low insurance rating, which is good news.”