Giant sunflower in Caswell County

Mike and Barbara Seamster, who live in Caswell County on Seamster Road, have a very unique sunflower that roughly measures about 17 feet tall. This giant flower is growing right outside their front door within steps of their home in a flower bed.

They use organic mulch and compost material every year and have very rich soil in this flower bed. Barbara shares that she didn’t even plant the seed; it is simply a volunteer that has come up from a seed from the past or birdseed that might have fallen.

"We had to tie it up to a tomato cage for fear it will fall over being so tall. It is now starting to head out with a beautiful flower at the top. It has been a fun project to watch during a tough time of this pandemic and quarantine. I do plan to keep some seeds from it knowing it is a very uniquely tall sunflower plant," she says.