Blackwell Funeral Home opens in Yanceyville

Left to right: Pastor Jerry Wilson, Fairer Blackwell Sr. and Gary Wilson 

Many people consider funeral homes a place you go when a loved one passes away, but one family owned business is change the public’s perception of that.

Blackwell funeral Home held its grand opening on Saturday, June 15 and invited the community to celebrate the business’s new endeavor.

County Commissioners David Owen and Jerimiah Jeffries were among the guests in attendance.

Blackwell Funeral Home began back in 1998. Faiger Blackwell Sr. started the business as a way to honor his father, and the first location, in Burlington, served that purpose.

In 2010, Faiger “Grea” Blackwell Jr. decided he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and began working alongside him.

The father and son duo will continue to work together, but Blackwell Jr. will be taking the reins, managing the Yanceyville location.

Blackwell Sr. opened the event with a welcome. He also told guests why his son couldn’t make it there for the grand opening.

“My son, for who this is all for because this is his establishment, what’s the saying – when duty calls you have to perform. Well that’s what he’s doing today,” Blackwell said. “I tried to persuade him that he needed to be here and let me do the funeral, but he said, ‘no dad, I’m going to do the funeral.’ So, he’s in Burlington and I’d like to say in his absence that’s the type of service he provides. He’s dedicated and knows families come first even before his open house.”

Blackwell also said the funeral home in Yanceyville opened in early May and have already provided services for families.

“God has blessed us because we’ve done a lot. We’ve had six families to use us,” he said. “We look at this as a ministry, we don’t look at it like a funeral home. Most of the time when you have things at a funeral home people don’t want to come, but everything we do will give God the glory.”

After welcoming guests, an opening prayer was given by Rev. Gary Williams of Sassafras Grove. He prayed for guidance and continued blessings to the Blackwell family. Prophetess Cassandra Elliot of Pinnacle Ministries sang “Lord I’m Grateful.” Guests clapped and sang along with Elliot as she let the words of the song guide her spirit. Reverend Jerry Wilson, of Beulah Church, spoke words of wisdom to guests.

“God has a word for me and for you no matter what situations are happening in your life, God can raise you up,” he said. “Every now and then we need to cry. We’ve been taught that you’re a chump or you’re something else if you cry. I came to realize that I have tear ducts like anybody else and sometimes I have tears of joy, but when I see our land is in trouble and our churches, I may moan like everybody else, however, God will wipe away all of our tears.” Once Rev. Wilson finished offering words of encouragement the food was blessed and guests were able to eat and socialize.

Blackwell Funeral Home is located at 1331 N. Main St, in Yanceyville. For more information call 336-694-4019 or visit