Sales and Use Tax proposal to be on November ballot

The Caswell County Commissioners approved, by a contested 4-3 vote, a resolution that will place a proposed quarter-cent Sales and Use tax on the ballot in Caswell County. At its August 6 meeting, the Commissioners heard specific language crafted to submit to the Caswell Board of Elections for the proposed ballot item. 

At its August 6 meeting, the Caswell County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution directing the Caswell County Board of Elections to conduct an advisory referendum regarding the levy of a one-quarter cent County Sales and Use Tax. 

Before approving the resolution, the elected board heard some clarified language regarding the proposed increase. 

“You asked us to bring back some language that we can use. We’ve reviewed the language, and the language that is required on the ballot,” County Manager Bryan Miller said. 

The item will be presented on the upcoming November ballot in the form of a question for a special election concerning the levy of the authorized tax. The question will ask voters whether they are for or against a local Sales and Use Tax at the rate of one-quarter percent, in addition to all other state and local sales and use taxes. 

County Manager Miller conferred with the county’s legal counsel before coming up with the specified language that will go on the November ballot. 

“There’s not a lot of room for mediation from that language,” Miller told the Commissioners prior to their vote on the matter. 

The County Commissioners approved the language of the proposed ballot by a contested 4-3 vote. Commissioners Rick McVey, David Owen, William Carter, and Nathaniel Hall approved the resolution, while Commissioners Sterling Carter, Jeremiah Jefferies, and Kenneth Travis voted against the proposed resolution.