Board of Education approves security upgrades

The Caswell County Board of Education has approved the upgrade for security at five schools in the county during their Thursday evening, June 27 evening at Central Office.

Chief Technology Officer for Caswell County Schools David Useche said the security upgrades include security cameras and access codes for specific doors at five schools in the district.

“I have been working on getting quotes for the project for over three weeks and we have finally received a bid from the company Intergraders for the access controls, security cameras and software,” he said. “[ A second vendor] will provide us with the network equipment to make this system work at those locations.”

The project consists of better control of visitors accessing the schools, upgrading the surveillance system and adding security cameras to cover all areas inside and outside for the elementary schools and the middle school.

Schools will have a centralized monitoring system to monitor and record, using VideoInsight, a program that is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone device.

The project also calls for the increase of storage capacity for video footage up to 30 days on a server and the implementation of access control for the elementary schools and N.L Dillard with card readers for magnetic doors.

Dr. Sandra Carter, Caswell County School Superintendent recommended the board to approve the upgrades to be funded from the $1.4 million in lottery funds through the state.

The Board approved her motion and the project will move forward once the money becomes available.

The upgrades can be in place as early as this month, but completed before the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Security upgrades for the new high school will go in place once the school is built and will follow the same security measures as the other schools in the county.