Local receives SECU scholarship

Madison Carroll was awarded a $10,000 State Employees' Credit Union Community College Scholarship that helped pay for her first year at PCC. Carroll will begin her second year at the college in August and plans to graduate in 2020  with a degree in office administration. 

Madison Carroll, a Providence native, has completed her first year at Piedmont Community College, which was paid for by the State Employees’ Credit Union Community College Scholarship.

Carroll said that initially she had no idea if she would be chosen, but decided to apply any way.

“When I found out that I was awarded the scholarship I was thrilled,” she said. “It has helped me tremendously this past year and has taken the burden of paying for college off of me and my parents.”

She said the $10,000 scholarship was split between two semesters and helped pay for tuition and books.

“College is expensive and when I applied for the scholarship, I wasn’t expecting to get it,” she said. “The SECU scholarship is only awarded to one PCC student and the fact that I was chosen is amazing.”

Carroll said she is looking forward to 2020 because she will be graduating..

“I graduated BY in 2018. I graduated early and began taking classes at the college after filling out the required forms to do so,” she explained. “It’s hard to believe that I am almost finished with school.”

She also encouraged current high school students to explore the community college route rather than feeling obligated to attend an expensive four-year institution and possibly take on a large amount of student loan debt.

I don’t know why there’s a stigma about attending a community college,” Carroll said. “There’s nothing wrong with doing so. It doesn’t make you less of a person.”

“The class sizes are great; the professors are wonderful. I’ve had a great experience so far,” she continued. “I did want works for me.”

Carroll said she is excited for the fall semester to begin in August and plans to work hard to make the President’s List again.

She also said she is grateful to have had scholarships to help pay for college.

“I encourage people to apply for scholarships even if they think they won’t get it,” she said. “I am very fortunate to have received the SECU and am thankful to them.”