Flower Grower proposes the idea of an official Caswell Flower

The Caswell County Board of Commissioners met Monday evening, July 15 at the Historic Courthouse in Yanceyville to discuss several items, including the potential adoption of an official Caswell flower.

Board Chairman Rick McVey called the meeting to order and after a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance, he called for public comments. Resident John Claggett addressed the board about the lack of public information released to the public.

After the public comments, the meeting progressed to the items listed on the agenda.

The board welcomed local flower farmer Celia Spillmann to speak about the adaptation of an official Caswell flower.

She presented to the board how the idea came about and reasons why she selected the Zinnia as the county’s official flower.

“Having an official county flower addresses several items. First, there are hardly any if any at all counties especially around North Carolina or in our region that have an official flower,” Spillmann explained. “There are counties and cities that specifically celebrate flowers, but none of them have made a commitment to accepting or adopting an official flower. By designating one for Caswell County we can stand out from the pack and create something and unique for our county.”

She also said having an official flower will help unite commercial growers and boost the economy.

“It will lead to flower festivals, events, marketing strategies and other agri-tourism opportunities for our community,” Spillmann said. “The Hoedown is coming up in September and that may be a great opportunity to introduce the Caswell official flower to the rest of our community that way we can celebrate this all together.”

Spillmann said she used social media to receive feedback and comments about the idea and what type of flower would be perfect for Caswell County.

“There’s not really a specific flower outside the Venus Flytrap that is native to the county and one of the missions to having an official flower is to bring awareness of locally grown cut flowers,” she said. “The Zinnia is an incredibly diverse flower with 15-20 different type of Zinnias that can range from different colors, petal shapes and varieties. “

She said the Zinnia is a strong resilient flower that grows well in the heat and can adapt to different conditions.