Local photography club seeking location for meetings

Debbie McCabe, a local photographer, is looking to get a new Photography Club off the ground, titled "Just Be You." McCabe is currently looking for a space in Caswell County - preferably in Yanceyville - that will allow her to host regular meetings for the organization. Those who are potentially in a position to assist McCabe and the Just Be You Photography Club are advised to call (434) 251-1491.

Local resident Debbie McCabe is in the process of putting together a new photography club, known as “Just Be You.”

The organization recently held its first meeting, bringing together a group of young people seeking friendship, camaraderie, and pointers on how to learn and improve their photography skills. The group walked throughout downtown Yanceyville, taking a wide range of photos on everything from local birds and trees to the famous Caswell County Courthouse.

McCabe indicated that most of the initial participants attend Galileo Magnet High School in Danville. But she is hopeful to eventually get children from throughout Caswell, Alamance, and Rockingham Counties to take part in the club.

“I just want to lift them up,” McCabe said of her work with young people. 

On February 22, the group is hosting an open mike “Bring Your Talent” night at downtown Yanceyville’s Busy Bee coffee shop, where there will be art on display for sale in addition to the talents brought forth by the club members.

McCabe is currently in the process of trying to find a location in Yanceyville that will allow her to host club meetings.

“Right now, I don’t have another place that I’m going to do the club. I would do it at my house if I had to, but I would have a more permanent place - not have to jump here and there,” she said. “I need a place, if somebody would be kind enough to let me use it, and let me clean it up or whatever until I can get this non-profit going. It can be completely empty. It doesn’t have to have anything in it. Just a physical location.”

The Just Be You photography club is focused on providing positive experiences for young people. It welcomes budding photographers of all ages.

The one big rule McCabe plans on enforcing within the club is to leave any and all negativity out the door before coming in to a meeting or group function.

“When you wipe your feet, that’s one of my rules - you wipe that negativity right there. Don’t bring it in the house,” she said.

One of the initial club members told McCabe after walking around and taking pictures in downtown Yanceyville that it was the happiest they’d been leaving a place.

McCabe is hopeful to create many more pleasant experiences and positive memories for other local children who are interested in taking part in the photography club.

“We’re getting ready to do a Valentine’s Day photo shoot. I want to do a Valentine’s Day shoot to raise money for trips,” she said.